Your Solar Investment

Installing solar panels on your roof is a great investment. There are three financial benefits for a house holder investing in solar power.

Domestic – Your Solar Investment. Turn a profit for from the Feed In Tariff Scheme

  • The money you save for all the electricity you produce.
  • The money you get paid for producing solar electricity (generation tariff).
  • The money you get paid for selling electricity back to the grid when you don’t need it (export tariff).
  • Tax free for individuals.

There are 3 saving streams produced by a PV system:
The Feed In Tariff (income)

  • The Feed-In Tariff is paid quarterly, against the metered output of the system. The amount paid per kWh depends on the system size.
  • The tariff is payable for 20 years.
  • The rate per kWh is index linked and will go up each year in line with inflation (specifically the Retail Price Index).

Free Electricity

  • Use the energy you generate for FREE.
  • Every unit you use is one less you have to buy. The average peak electricity cost is currently 15p per unit.

Exported Tariff

  • Note that most systems don’t include batteries. So if the electricity generated is not used instantaneously, it gets exported back to the grid for someone else to use.
  • The Export Tariff is also linked to inflation.