Is Your Roof Suitable?

Free Solar PV Installation Survey Bristol and Bath

There are two things to consider when deciding if your home is suitable for a solar panel installation.

How big is my roof?
The size of your roof will determine the amount of solar energy you can produce. Simply the bigger your roof, the more solar panels you can install!

Which way does my roof face?
Your roof, either flat or pitched must ideally face South, East or West. A south facing roof will see the most sunshine throughout the day, however East and West facing roofs are ideal for home owners who use more electricity in the morning and evening through the position of the sun.

In roof systems are very similar to on roof systems, the only real differences being that with in-roof systems the panels serve a dual purpose acting both as the roof covering and as generators electricity. In roof systems have the advantage that they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing, and are a logical solution for new builds.

Solar Glass
For buildings with glass facades, roofs or wall cladded sections, bespoke solar PV glass panes can provide an excellent alternative to conventional solar panels. Using solar PV glass is the most striking way to display green credentials and incorporate solar technology as a design feature.