Join the Be Green Scheme

Join the Be Green Scheme JTD Solar Bristol

Be Green Scheme
Be green scheme is a project JTD solar launched in early 2014. Our ethos is building a greener future lowering the carbon footprint in the Uk through the solar panels we install. We have teamed up with Tree’s for Cities and the tree foundation, a charity that plants tree’s in towns and cities all over the UK.

Our Objective
The Uk has to meet our challenging future climate change goal of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and because of our green credentials we want to play a part in this using your solar Pv installation. By 2020 JTD solar wants to see the plantation of 5’000 tree’s in the Uk. See our tree calculator below to see if we are on target.

How It Work’s
Its a simple scheme that is available to all our customers both domestic and commercial. Every 1 Kw of solar PV energy installed on your roof is matched through the planting of a tree in your own chosen town or city.

Be green scheme offers an exclusive deal to our commercial customers to further help them lower their carbon footprint. We will organise, arrange and see the planting of tree’s on your business premises dependant on the size of your solar PV system. The bigger the system, the more tree’s. This can also increase the visual aesthetics around the work place.

We are working in partnership with charities such as Tree’s for cities and the tree foundation to help us all reach our goal. The charities plant hunts which are baby tree’s. You can then see them grow over the forth coming years. You will also receive a certificate awarding you for your green credentials and investing not only in your energy harvest but the future of our planet.