Monitor your Solar Panel Installation

Wattson Solar Plus

  • Shows how much of your generated electricity you are using.
  • Shows how much more power you could be using for free.
  • Works alongside Optimmersion products.
  • Use its Holmes or Anywhere software to keep track of electricity usage in your home.

Owl Intuition PV
OWL Intuition-pv is a new OWL product created to complement and monitor your Solar PV installation. OWL Intuition-pv provides real-time access to your electricity consumption and solar generation data through your web browser, smart phone or tablet.

  • Securely logs consumption and generation on cloud software platform.
  • Web interface with secure online loginy.
  • Access your data any time, from anywhere via the OWL iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Connects through standard broadband connection.
  • Transmits data wirelessly within the home.

Fronius Datalogger Web

  • Provides full system control via your computer.
  • Online access to real-time data.
  • Can be used with the Fronius IG Personal Display.
  • Contains three separate user capabilities within the local network.
  • View data via the Fronius Datalogger website or using Fronius Solar.

SMA WebBox

  • An advanced web-based data logger for medium to large PV systems with up to 50 inverters.
  • Easy remote monitoring and diagnosis from anywhere in the world, even in locations where no SDL or telephone connection is available.
  • Options for displaying, archiving and processing data, even in networks with strict security regulations.
  • Flexible display, evaluation, yield and event reports via Sunny Portal.
  • Continuous data collection gives snapshots of system status at any given time.
  • Provides immediate text or email alerts in the event of any system failure.