Solar PV For Schools

Solar PV Installation for Schools

Every school has the potential to generate its own renewable energy through the benefit and energy savings that can be made through solar PV. Solar PV is the stand out choice.

Solar PV For Schools
JTD solar offer a complete design and consultancy service, experience in securing planning and grid connections plus dedicated project management to ensure your project hits every mile stone. With two UK offices we can offer a fast, responsive service across the Southwest. Our expert engineering team will advise you on the most suitable system for your solar Pv school project at every stage!

Reduce Electricity Bills
Schools can make significant savings on their electricity bills, depending on the size of the Solar PV installation, allowing them spend money on educational and recreational programmes, not on energy. Solar panels can generate electricity for 25 years or more so the cost savings will go on for some time and could be very substantial!

Generate Your Schools Revenue
Solar PV will generate a steady income stream for schools over a 20 year period. Most schools are able to accommodate a 25kWp solar PV system. This could generate an annual income of £3,435 at current tariff rates – see Ofgem FIT website for up to date tariffs. Most PV systems achieve a full payback between 10 – 12 years and will generate revenue streams for another 8 – 10 years!

Reduce your schools CO2 Emissions
Combating climate change by significantly reducing the school’s greenhouse gas emissions. Using the above example, a medium size system can reasonably expect to mitigate several tonnes of ! greenhouse gas emission each and every year, creating significant CO2 savings over the lifespan of a system!

Educate and engage pupils
Being able to communicate to pupils about the benefits of sustainability through a working example of renewable technology in their own school will provide more direct engagement, particularly in the subjects of geography, science, design/technology and IT. This can also help to inspire the wider community to take action towards climate change!

School support
The Feed-In Tariff allows schools to receive a fixed rate for the electricity generated (called the generation tariff), along with any unused electricity exported back to the grid (called the export tariff), as well as savings on their electricity bill from the generation they use on site.